Wildflower Honey

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  • When it starts to get cold, to sleep more peacefully, to breathe better or to calm the cough, a glass of milk with honey is like a hug. A natural stress reliever that not only promotes your relaxation, but it also gives a precious emotion: it brings us back to the evenings of our childhood.

    There is no better honey to sweeten your milk than our Wildflower. It is rich in nutrients because it comes from the union of different pollen types, and it acquires flavors as well as properties of the Enza valley plants and flowers. This is amazing because in each season it is the vegetation itself that defines its color shades as well as its flavor, while always remaining fragrant and enveloping.

    In wintertime with milk, in summer on ice-cream: Wildflower Honey can be enjoyed all year round with traditional as well as unusual food pairings. Try it with a knob of butter on your bread or on your rusks, but also with cheeses (especially the soft ones), salmon or swordfish. Use it as a secret ingredient to season your most creative salads or to bake cakes and cookies, perhaps paired with dried and toasted fruit.
  • Ingredients: 100% Italian Honey

     8.8 oz (250 GR)

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