Pear and Fig Jam

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  • Figs, especially dried figs, have always been synonymous with simplicity and moderation. Once a symbol of peasant food, now they are acknowledged as a precious ingredient. Figs ripen in the summer and autumn.

    They evoke walks in the shade of their tree branches, or the warmth of a blanket in front of a fireplace. But when mixed with pears, figs acquire another magical power: they can be enjoyed every day of the year.

    Our pear and fig jam is enriched with lemon juice, orange juice and orange zest. The right amount of sugar gives it a balanced taste.

    Perfect if you want to start your day, take a break in the afternoon or end your evening with a touch of sweetness.

  •  Nutrition Information per 100 g

    Energy 729 kJ
    170 kcal
    Fat  0 g
      Of Which Saturates  0 g
    Carbohydrate 40 g
      Of Which Sugars 39 g
    Protein 1 g
    Salt 0 g
    Sodium 3,2 mg
  • Ingredients: figs (46%), pears (23%), sugar, orange juice, lemon juice.

    Total sugar content: 39g/100g

    Prepared with 100 g of fruit per 100 g

    Keep refrigerated after opening (0°/+4°) and consume within 10 days

    Net weight: 200 g

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