As red as fire, as red as the heart. Red is the colour of passion, and for those who love cooking, it’s the colour of homemade tomato sauce. When time is tight, life gets hectic, or you’re far away from home and menus are written in an unknown language, that’s when you crave for the simplest, yummiest, and most indispensable of condiments. The world has no language barriers when on the table there’s a plate of pasta with tomato sauce, a pizza, or ketchup, or French fries to dip into ketchup. Ask any Italian, and they’ll have at least one special memory accompanied by the sweet smell of red tomato passata.

We make our sauces and passata using ripe tomatoes picked from the best plants in mid-August. Tomatoes are hand-picked one by one and processed locally, adding only a few 100% natural ingredients to deliver that same authentic smell.

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