Traditional DOP Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia Gold Stamp (25 years)

$209.90 USD


In Reggio Emilia, it is said that in ancient times, Saint Prosper once coaxed a blanket of fog over the city, concealing it from barbarian armies and saving it from a terrible fate. Fog became a precious ally and similarly, the inclement seasons of the valley became essential for our traditional balsamic vinegar, its remarkable flavour and limpid purity.

Traditional balsamic vinegar from Reggio Emilia is all about time and flavour; its ancient origins and secrets are underpinned by slow and meticulous processes requiring patience. A sequence of gestures that have become a veritable ritual, generation after generation. A rich flavour with a strong character that never goes unnoticed or shies from new, original pairings. A fine and versatile ingredient of which only a few drops are required. Decisive and brave, an impeccable team player that is not afraid to step up and take the lead.

Different ageing varieties, never aged for less than 12 years, confer different characteristics upon traditional balsamic vinegar from, Reggio Emilia, so that you can choose the elixir that suits your tastes and dishes to perfection.


Gold Stamp

The passing of time in barrels rich in history transforms Gold Stamp PDO Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Reggio Emilia into a veritable elixir. After 25 years, having earned "extravecchio" (extra aged) status, it is ready to amaze you with the most striking pairings, from piquant to sweet cheeses. Custard cream, chocolate, ice cream, forest fruits, strudel filling and panettone: Balsamic vinegar is a superlatively rich and persistent pairing for any dish. Perhaps not everyone is aware that it can even be served alone, at the end of a meal. Try sitting in your favourite armchair, the most comfortable one in the room where you love to relax; savour it pure, surrender to its complex perfumes along with its unique and unforgettable flavour.