Our Mission

Let's talk about you for a moment:

Those of you who are looking for quality and attention to detail, selection and exclusivity, and refuse to settle for imitations when you know could experience a unique, unforgettable culinary journey which begins under the Emilian sun and makes its way to your table.

Our mission is all about you. It’s about taking the quality and excellence of typical Emilian food to your homes, 365 days a year.

We make passion and expertise available to you, sent to your home with the same care and attention we use in selecting our products, for guaranteed freshness, aroma and flavour.

Even if you live hundreds of miles away from Emilia, with EMILIA FOOD LOVE you can savour Salami, Strolghino, Balsamic Vinegar or Parmigiano Reggiano at its absolute best.

But that's not all. What we want is to send you an invitation together with our products. It is an exclusive invitation to enter our world, listen to the tales told by our land, and perhaps even visit the places you imagined upon tasting our products.

EMILIA FOOD LOVE is a new way of travelling, of discovering flavours and the quality of products selected for you with great attention to detail and passion.

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