EMILIA FOOD LOVE, The name says it all. It's a love story.
The love that binds together two people and which, in another bond across many miles, binds them to this wonderful land, the land we want to get you acquainted with, through products grown on our plains, our hills.

Andrea e Rossella Emilia Food LoveWe, Andrea and Rossella, were born a few years ago elsewhere, in Calabria. We first met Emilia almost by chance and started getting to know the region much like a friend destined to become part of your life forever. It is here that we decided to start a family, a place where we feel truly at home. 
During our honeymoon in 2011 we found ourselves looking for our home far away from home, among supermarket shelves on the American East Coast, food trucks, delicatessens and in the hands of people enjoying their lunch cross-legged under a tree in Central Park. That day, all it took was a single glance for us to understand that nothing would be more wonderful than succeeding in taking our home into everyone's homes, onto everyone's tables, onto streets and benches throughout the world.
The seed had been sown. Upon our return, it was nothing more than an idea. Everyday life went on as normal. As we continued to work and travel over the following years, this idea often returned to our minds and gradually made space for itself in the midst of routines and daily thoughts. In 2014 we welcomed our daughter into the world and with the bustle, sleepless nights and immense joy of this event, we brushed the idea aside once more. However, some dreams refuse to be swept under the rug. When Beatrice was a few months old, we felt an overwhelming need to confer tangible form upon our project.Rossella e Andrea Emilia Food Love 
We had insufficient time on our hands and life itself continued to demand all our attention, yet we dedicated all our free time to seeking out small producers who shared our passion and enthusiasm. The privilege of meeting and getting to know them was a decisive step in our decision to create

Just like all paths, ours has been far from smooth. Together we have encountered and overcome uphill struggles, dark tunnels and obstacles. Then came the day in which we thought up a name which summed up all the love and dedication to our idea, a devotion which until then had eschewed words. 
This is how EMILIA FOOD LOVE was born, from our desire to transform this dream into a business we love.

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