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There's an Italian expression which dates back to ancient Roman times: genius loci, a natural or supernatural entity tied to a specific place. Our genius loci in Emilia still exists and it enables us to make cured meats, cheeses unlike others anywhere in the world. Our local products are the most imitated in the world, but it is only here that the right combination of air, soil and expertise generates that special alchemy which generates original Parma cured ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, Culatello and traditional Balsamic vinegar.

This is why the word 'Emilia' conjures up images of dining tables, trattorie, large family lunches and recipes passed down from mothers to daughters for centuries. But there's much more to Emilia than this. It is also about history and nature, a unique land where plains and hills meet, mountains stand vigil over fields and traditions have been passed down orally by fathers and mothers since ancient times, invaluable heirlooms.

It is no coincidence that it is referred to as the Food Valley throughout the world. For those of us who live here it is much more than this. It is an immense garden of delights, a crossroads of memories, flavours and know-how.

It is no coincidence that Parma is home to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) headquarters, an important link between the past, present and future which reminds us that goodness must be not only be created but also defended and safeguarded. This is an idea which we in Emilia have upheld since the dawn of time, with the same love with which we cultivate our fields.

EMILIA FOOD LOVE was created to show and promote not just the region's culinary heritage but also its territory. Our local products and their unmistakable flavours take you on a journey of discovery through legends and castles, lands caressed by torrents and streams, bringing you the local traditions and ancient wisdom of a land you are bound to fall in love with, no matter where you are from.

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