Strong Provolone

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  • Some encounters change the course of a lifetime, others give rise to inventions capable of transforming the world, and still, others allow the creation of priceless masterpieces. The birth of Provolone is also the result of a fortunate encounter: the one between the long tradition of stretched-curd cheeses from the sunny southern Italy and the fertile and rich in milk northern Po Valley.

    Provolone is a cheese that carries with it the history of nineteenth-century migrations and it has been able to cross the centuries benefiting from new technologies, without ever losing its deeply artisanal nature. Delicious and beloved all over the world, it can be aged for a few months or more than a year, offering a range of flavors able to conquer every palate, at any age.


    Produced with kid and/or lamb rennet paste and aged for a period ranging from a minimum of three months to over a year, it's excellent on its own or on a slice of durum wheat bread, but it also pairs wonderfully with compotes and chutneys.

    Try it simply sliced and grilled, or alongside our honey and a glass of sweet or Moscato wine.

    Nutrition Information per 100 g 

    Energy 1623 kJ
    388 kcal
    Fat 30,66 g
      Of Which Saturates 19,32 g
    Carbohydrate 5,03 g
      Of Which Sugars 2,01 g
    Protein 23,05 g
    Salt 1,60 g

  • Ingredients: MILK
    , salt, rennet. Treated on the surface with preservative E202, E235. Non-edible rind.

    Keep refrigerated between 5-10°C / 41-50°F

    Certified by a Control Body authorized by the Competent Ministry - ITALY

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