Peas and Carrots Soup

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  • Peas are as ancient as agriculture: one of the first species cultivated by humans thousands of years ago, in that land we remember from school books, called the Fertile Crescent. Through time and across all countries of the world, they have been enjoyed and appreciated, even by children.

    Our Peas and Carrots Soup has few natural ingredients and lots of flavor, because who said that good things can't also be healthy? Serve it cold in summer or hot in winter: it's a soup for all seasons, to be enriched as you like with bread croutons, perhaps made of whole wheat or rye flour for a more rustic flavor, or with a sprinkle of our Parmigiano Reggiano DOP to make it even more flavorful and nourishing. If you prefer its all-natural goodness, just add a drizzle of oil and it'll be ready in no time.


  •  Nutrition Fact (about 2 servings per container 1 cup 240ml)

  • Ingredients: Vegetable Broth (CELERY, Fennel, Onion, Carrot 58,2%), Peas (25,89%), Potato (7,76%), Carrot (3,1%), CELERY (3,1%), Onion (3,1%), High Oleic Sunflower Oil (1,3%), Salt (0,4%), Pepper (0,03%).


    Keep in a cool and dry place away from heat source and direct sunlight. 

    Produced in a facility that uses: mustard, tree nuts (pine nut, walnut, almond) wheat.

    Once opened keep refrigerated between (32°/39°F) and use within 10 days.

    Net weight: 500 ml (17 fl.oz)

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