Linden Honey

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  • It appears that there’s a linden tree in the UK that is over two thousand years old. If only we could sit under its heart-shaped leaves and listen to all the stories it has to tell!

    We harvest our honey from the flower nectar of these long-living trees that collect stories and traditions. Linden trees add elegance to avenues and gardens. In ancient times, people used to hang talismans on their branches to be protected.

    The honey we harvest can protect us against inflammation and digestive problems. It’s an ally for the heart and blood circulation and an excellent natural sedative. Its intense and fresh scent is similar to that of mint. It’s also balsamic and has a citrus note and a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

    Try it with your favourite herbal tea or pair it with cheese. And why not, use it in the kitchen as your secret ingredient.
  • Ingredients: 100% Italian Honey

     8.8 oz (250 GR)

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