Cookies Tasting (4 packs)

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Enjoy all flavour of our handmade Cookies


Of the many different stories that will tell you about the origin of cookies, there is one that has the flavour of a family anecdote. The story goes that in Holland, to check whether the oven had finally reached the perfect temperature, a small piece of dough was dropped inside. The result, as random as it was delicious, was what we would over time call a "biscuit". Flour, butter, and sugar: three ingredients are enough to make us smile. But the magic happens when we also add cocoa. Dark chocolate cookies are part of a mouth-watering breakfast or a snack that is loved by all ages. They are also a way to treat yourself in the evening, to end the day with just the right amount of sweetness.



How many desserts can say they have a date of birth? Not many, but cookies (the beloved and well-known chocolate chip cookies) certainly do. It was in the 1930s - in fact - that chef Ruth Graves Wakefield made a very sweet discovery. The story of her invention, however, is not without mystery. Some say that the chocolate chips that were inside the cookies were there by accident and that the chef's idea was to make them completely melt. Others are certain that an expert like her would never have made such a mistake. We will probably never know how things really went, but it doesn’t really matter. We are left with her sweet creation, to be enjoyed with a smile on our faces.



"Ginger" is a word that would sound good in a spell. After all, it has a myriad of beneficial properties and in ancient times this spice was truly thought to have magical powers. China's most famous philosopher, Confucius, was certain that it helped to bring clarity to your thoughts, which is why he never ended a meal without first enjoying a small piece. If you ever happened to try a love potion, you would definitely find ginger inside it. More simply, you will encounter it while strolling through the stalls of Christmas markets. The mere word is enough to immerse us in the Christmas spirit. Of course, it would be a shame to taste our ginger cookies only once a year - we recommend that you keep them in your pantry at all times to give yourself a moment of fresh sweetness no matter the season; any day, at any time.



There are so many cookies that to list them all would probably take more than a whole day, but often when we do think of them what comes to mind is a round, crumbly, fragrant shortbread. Our shortbread cookies have all these qualities, but also something extra: the delicate sweetness of acacia honey. Have you ever thought of giving them out as gifts (maybe along with some ginger cookies)? They would make a mouth-watering Christmas present. And at all other times of the year, they are the ideal shortbread for a breakfast that helps us start the day with the right energy, but also for a snack or a five o'clock tea. They pair perfectly with a cup of milk, a good book and your favourite music.

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